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Ray L. Brownfield ALC AFM | 630.258.4800
Jason J. Lestina ALC AFM | 815.546.8276

When you choose Land Pro LLC for your farm management needs, you receive professional, personalized, and quality services from a highly trained Accredited Farm Manager (AFM1) who has many years of hands-on experience working with landowners and farm operators. Our clients are individuals, families, investors, and major financial institutions. 

The first step is get to know you and discuss your needs, desires, and objectives regarding your farming operation. No two farms are alike, so it is important we customize our farm management services to fit your needs and achieve goals you feel are important to your farm ownership.

Once your goals and objectives have been identified, we visit your farm to conduct a thorough farm analysis to check on its’ overall appearance, including the use of sound soil conservation measures, maintenance of improvements, if any, and drainage, which is extremely important. It is very helpful during the initial farm visit to meet the farm operator unless there are circumstances that prohibit a meeting. All aspects of the farm visit are with your permission.

Topics to address include the farm’s fertility. When were soil tests last taken and are copies available. When was limestone last applied and at what rate. Are field drainage tile maps available. Are there known drainage problems. Is there a written lease and if so, can we review a copy. If an oral lease, what are the terms. We will prepare a Surety Soils Map for your farm showing the actual acres of the various soil types and their Productivity Index, which has a direct correlation to potential crop production.

After we have gathered the above information, a meeting is set with you to discuss our observations and suggest the process to tailor our professional farm management services to meet, and hopefully exceed, your goals and objectives.

To fully implement your goals and objectives, Land Pro offers the following professional farm management services:

  1. Analyze the existing lease terms and conditions. If oral, provide a written lease. If you would like for comparative purposes, we can present to you the various lease types; cash rental, cash rent with flex, crop share, and custom . Based on your goals and objectives as well as risk taking ability we can suggest the most appropriate lease, for your consideration and final approval.

  2. If the current lease remains in effect, we will ensure the terms and conditions are met.

  3. It may be the current farm operator is excellent and is invaluable to a successful farming operation, and is assisting with meeting your goals and objectives. But in the event that is not the case, Land Pro LLC can facilitate a legal termination of the existing lease. We can then interview potential farm operators for the best possible candidate for your farm. Again, this process is all with your approval.

  4. Land Pro LLC can prepare an annual budget which highlights the projected income and expenses for the crop year, as well as a suggested capital improvement budget, if applicable. Your approval is necessary before any major funds are committed.

  5. Land Pro LLC can provide an annual financial report which outlines the complete financial performance of the farm along with detailed overview of the farming operations performed during the crop year.

  6. Land Pro LLC can provide you with property inspection updates, which will take place multiple times during the year. If capital improvements are made, such as field drainage tile, we will bid the project and be on-site from time to time to monitor the process. We take pride in providing our clients "boots on the ground" service.

  7. Monitor the overall farming operations, tillage practices, and fertility program.

  8. Review current insurance coverages, and if needed, suggest any changes.

  9. Timely communications with the farm operator is a necessity and is critical to a successful farming operation.

  10. And most importantly, communicate with you, our client.

1Ray Brownfield and Jason Lestina both hold the designation of Accredited Farm Managers (AFM) and are members of the Illinois Society of Professional Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, as well as the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. Members of these professional organizations adhere to the highest level of ethics and professional standards.

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