Land Pro and Loranda

Land Pro wanted to offer their clients more than just any auction service. Land Pro wanted to work with a company that would provide the same level of service at an auction that they provide in their land real estate brokerage and farm management business.

After careful consideration, Land Pro chose Loranda to assist them with their plan for offering farmland auction services. Loranda's special focus on farm properties allows it to better understand the needs of land buyers, the desire of land sellers and the work that has to be completed in order to have a successful sale.

Both Land Pro and Loranda's professional approach to marketing agricultural properties has earned them honors in the industry and accolades from their clients.

They have learned that each property and each seller is unique and an individualized marketing plan must be prepared for each sale. This attention to detail has resulted in a multitude of satisfied clients. Use of the auction method of sale for a variety of different assets has increased dramatically the past several years, from the sale of artwork, automobiles and antiques, to commercial, industrial and farm real estate. So why an auction?

Top Prices are Received

Historic, top of the market prices are realized at auctions.

An Auction Is An Event

People compete to win at auctions, not just make offers.

Seller Controls Terms of Sale

  • Timing. You do not have to wait for a buyer to act.
  • No Contingencies. Clear title is the only issue.
  • As-Is, Where-Is. You disclose any defects and then sell.
  • Fast Closing. Usually 30-45 days after the auction, and typically all cash.
  • Lower Costs. Sellers can dictate who pays many of the expenses.

Urgency is projected

A specific date of sale means a buyer must move quickly.

More confident buyers

Buyers know they only paid one bid more than the competition.

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