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“After fifty years in the family, a decision was made to sell our farm. There were several questions to consider including land valuation, how to market, the actual sale process, and the legal documents needed to complete the transaction. We decided that help was needed so a professional was sought to assist.

Several agents were interviewed, resulting in the selection of Land Pro LLC. Initially, the Illinois Farm Credit Association recommendation was a key factor, but other resulting actions by Ray Brownfield ALC AFM certified that our first choice was well founded. He is well connected in the agricultural community, including rural Illinois and the Chicagoland area. By the end of the process, we discovered that he has a national presence as well. 

Ray was able to recommend a host of professionals to aid in all aspects of the marketing and sales process including a land survey. A decision was made to use a live / web auction process. He knew that the local farm community was resistant to many of the current COVID restrictions and searched out a local location that would accommodate the potential buyers. He knew a virtual option would be important, so Ray was key in finding a site with excellent electronic connectivity in the rural setting.  Several weeks were spent in posting sale signs around the community and on web sites.

The actual sale went without a hitch resulting in a price above the expected amount. The resulting buyer was on-site for the sale but lives out of state. Ray had invited him as part of the marketing process.

Ray’s office staff was very helpful in drafting the needed legal documents to complete the sale. Everything was done remotely using electronic documentation. I highly recommend Land Pro LLC.”

- RM

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